About Us/Schedule

We’re getting close to having the Covid virus restrictions behind us and returning to our regular training and class schedule. We’ll open our doors to new members and welcome those with an interest in the practice of Aikido with a post Covid special offer. Please use contact information on this website to reach Barry Richardson for details and to set a time to visit the dojo.

Tuesday and Thursday – 7 to 9 pm
Saturday – 10 am to 12 noon
Friday – 5 pm by request

Sand Drift Aikido was established by Dr. H.T. Walker in 1969. It is one of the oldest continuously operating dojos in the United States. Dr. Walker began his Aikido training in 1962 and received his Shodan rank from the now retired Brevard County Sheriff Commander George Wilson. He was instrumental in the development and growth of Aikido in the Eastern United States and was a founding member of the United States Aikido Federation. Many of the Japanese Shihan came to teach at his dojo in Titusville, Florida and he traveled to Japan to further his study of the art. Walker Sensei was a certified instructor for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Walker Sensei was committed giving this knowledge to officers throughout Brevard County. We are grateful for his dedication, his humor, and his tireless effort to bring the benefits of Aikido training to his students.

Before his passing in 2003, Walker Sensei chose Randy Beck as the Sand Drift Aikido Chief Instructor. Beck Sensei started his training in 1979 and became a student of Dr. Walker when he moved to Florida in 1986. After Dr. Walker’s death and the closing of his building as a martial arts school, Beck Sensei kept the legacy alive by teaching in the park and finding training space to share at a Karate school. After two years members of Sand Drift Aikido purchased and refurbished the property in Central Brevard County that became our dojo. Beck Sensei received his 5th Dan certification from Michael Moreno Shihan and continues the tradition of excellent instruction for the members of the Dojo and the art of Aikido.

The teaching staff at Sand Drift Aikido includes Barry Richardson, Allen Newton, Gorman Miller, and Clay Lyles. They all have over twenty years of experience in the art.

Aikido originated in Japan by its founder Morihei Ueshiba. His training in martial arts disciplines and study of spiritual philosophy led to the development of Aikido. He taught in many locations in Japan before establishing the Hombu Dojo in Tokyo in 1927 which became the Aikido World Headquarters. The expansion of Aikido in Japan and its world wide popularity can be attributed to his vision and passion in developing a martial art that is effective when dealing with violent attack and provides a way of growth and integration of the mind, body and spirit. He believed the practice of Aikido to be a way to enrich the human condition.

Morihei Ueshiba was known as “O Sensei”, which translates as “Grand Teacher”. During his lifetime he was presented with the Medal of Honor by the Japanese government and the Order of the Sacred Treasure by the Emperor. He passed away in 1969. His unique martial art continues to be practiced by Aikidoka throughout the world.