Sand Drift Aikido Doc Ryu Dojo Martial Arts Center teaches fundamental and advanced Aikido in both traditional and street defense variations. We have a well rounded Martial Arts program that promotes physical and mental health and well being and gives its members a viable means of self-defense. Aikido training develops awareness, discipline, and confidence. It relieves stress, is an excellent aerobic conditioner, and increases strength and flexibility.

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Welcome to Sand Drift Aikido

Sand Drift Aikido has presented the Art of the residents to Brevard County and Central Florida for over 50 years. All our instructors have at least 20 years of Aikido experience.

Training takes place in an environment of safety and courtesy and is suitable for men and women of all ages.

Our Aikido

Aikido is the perfect Martial Art for the 21st Century. It gives its practitioners abilities and tools needed to deal with the complexity and pressure of daily modern life. Conflict is regarded as opportunity to be faced with a steadfast spirit and a calm demeanor. These concepts are achieved by a practice that does not rely on competition as a gauge of worth but on the development of the human mind, body and spirit in a an atmosphere of cooperative training.

Our Facility

Our facility is owned and operated by our members. It has 2200 square feet of mat space in a 3700 square foot free standing building with bathrooms and showers in the dressing rooms.

We invite anyone with an interest in learning the Martial Art of Aikido to visit our Dojo and observe a class. There are no contract requirements for membership at Sand Drift Aikido.

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